Here is a list of some of my favourite hedging plants that can help create privacy or add that dramatic backdrop to your outdoor Auckland garden area.


1. Michelia figo :

The Michelia boasts a luscious deep rich green leaf that is almost as beautiful as its heavily scented white and purple flowers. It makes a wonderful topiary standard as well. A native to China, this evergreen gem can reach to 4m in ideal situations but is easy care and will add elegance and style to any garden.



2. Eugenia 'Ventenatii' :

The Eugenia is a perfect hedging plant for the narrow part of a garden. Its small red and green foliage makes it ideal for formal hedging, and can provide a stunning backdrop for any type of garden setting. An Australian native that can reach several metres high, it too can make a wonderful standard plant that is cost effective and low maintenance.




3. Griselinia 'Lucida' :

A beautiful specimen that has no equal. Its large distinct lime green leaf is ideal for creating a little drama in the garden. A native to New Zealand shores, it does require a little more room to grow than other hedging plants, but it too is easy care.                      




4. Buxus 'Green Gem' :

Commonly found in a more formal garden setting as a border plant around Auckland, this beautiful evergreen shrub oozes style and sophistication. Ideally suited as a small hedge (to around 600 mm in height) it is relatively easy to maintain. Its lime green leaf is perfect for topiary and standard plants alike. A native to Japan, this variety of Buxus is quite simply stunning!




5. Star Jasmine :

This amazing plant has the ability to be trained as a climber or a hedge. Its small star like white flowers are heavily scented, and can add a real touch of elegance to any garden. It offers a versatility few plants can boast, and without the maintenance. A native to southeast Asia, this is fast becoming a designer plant for all types of gardens in Auckland.