Norwegian Maple

Once a month we will highlight a plant that is both suitable and stylish for the traditional Auckland garden. This month our plant is : 

Acer platanoides : Norwegian Maple

If large expansive gardens are presenting you with a planting dilemma, then this gorgeous Norwegian Maple is a first class choice from which to begin. This deciduous gem is found right across eastern and central Europe, and is one of my personal favourites of the Acer family. This tree can reach well over 20 meters in height and will create an elegant backdrop to your Auckland garden setting. Large five lobed green leaves dress this tree, turning yellow in the autumn months. Bright yellow-green flowers burst throughout spring before the new leaves emerge. In its native conditions, the Norwegian Maple can live up to 250 years.

It does require light pruning to ensure a strong upright tree in its later years. Perfect as a specimen tree or as a grand laneway planting, the Acer platanoides is quite simply....beautiful!