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Organic Garden Sprays

Garden sprays : organic spraying oils for your designer garden.

If you like the idea of being able to control diseases and insects while nourishing and feeding your plants at the same time, look no further.

Over the past few years, I've been recommending these two organic sprays exclusively to clients wanting to keep their gardens in tip top shape.    

Dean Saunders outlook landscapes ltd Auckland

Aquaticus 'Glow 'is a professional grade organic spraying oil for controlling insects and diseases such as aphids, scale insects, mites, mealy bugs and powdery mildew.

It can be used through the winter months as a clean up spray or through summer for control and eradication of insects and diseases. Applied in conjunction with Aquaticus 'Supernatural', 'Glow' will enhance the effectiveness of most commonly used insecticides, fungicides and herbicides by acting as a spreader/sticker. 

Applied on its own it makes a great leaf polish leaving indoor and outdoor plants glowing and healthy.'Glow'is perfect for vegetable gardens, herb gardens, citrus, indoor/outdoor plants, lawns and compost heaps.

Do not store product in its diluted form - it is a natural product, and will break down.


Aquaticus 'Supernatural' is a professional grade, quality organic liquid fertiliser containing nutrients, minerals and trace elements, providing a complete plant food that can be safely applied in all garden situations regularly.

This unique combination of fish by-product, seaweed and naturally occurring growth promotants and omega 3, mutually feed the soil and plants, which naturally provides the perfect balance for amazing garden vegetables, lawns, flowers and fruits.

Not just a fertiliser, 'Supernatural' helps to repel against a range of insects including whitefly and aphids, and inhibits air and soil-borne fungal disease such as blights and mildews.

Added to compost heaps,Supernatural will work as a compost activator by increasing biological activity making healthy, fertile compost faster. 

Aquaticus ‘Supernatural’ will feed gardens, pot plants and lawns as well as stimulate soil and compost micro-organisms.